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Artiva: NK Cell Therapies for Cancer

Artiva Biotherapeutics is a private biotech company advancing a pipeline of off-the-shelf, allogeneic NK cell therapies, for the treatment of hematologic cancers or solid tumors. Artiva Biotherapeutics was founded on the understanding that NK cells hold enormous therapeutic potential as cancer therapies and the dedication and expertise to overcome technological barriers in the scaling and manufacturing of these cells. At Artiva, our mission is to deliver highly effective cell therapies that are also safe and immediately available and accessible to any cancer patient who stands to benefit. Artiva’s platform delivers scalability, quality, and cryopreservation to support a pipeline of safe, effective, versatile, and accessible product candidates.

Our Advantage

Versatility. NK cells are part of the innate immune system and are the body’s natural, first line of defense against tumor cells and infection. NK cells can be combined with therapeutic antibodies or can be engineered to specifically target tumor cells.


Safety. Unlike approved CAR-T therapy, NK cells can be used in an allogeneic, mismatched setting without induction of graft versus host disease (GVHD), enabling the treatment of many patients from the same donor cells. NK cells have also not been shown to induce cytokine release syndrome (CRS) or neurotoxicity, which are characteristic of CAR-T cells.


Quality. Artiva's NK cells are generated from healthy donor umbilical cord blood (UCB) units selected for key characteristics. Our robust process yields NK cells with high purity, viability, and consistency.


Scalability. Our proprietary, large-scale, campaign-based manufacturing procedure is capable of producing enough pure and highly active NK cells to treat hundreds to thousands of patients, with the opportunity for repeat dosing, from each UCB.

Efficacy. Our NK cell therapies utilize proprietary chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), optimized for use in NK cells and/or therapeutic antibodies to further enhance therapeutic activity and specificity for tumor cells.

Accessibility. Artiva's NK cells are cryopreserved and ready for off-the-shelf therapeutic use, without the requirement for complex manipulation at the clinical site. Our entire process is developed for cost-effectiveness and to ensure broad patient access.


We are supported by leading life science investors and our corporate partner, who bring experience in developing, scaling, manufacturing, and commercializing transformative therapies.

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