We can do more

We can do more

We are dedicated to making safe and effective cell therapies accessible to any cancer patient who may benefit

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Unlocking NK Cell Therapy for Cancer

Over the past decade we have seen meaningful advances in cell therapy for the treatment of cancer, with dramatic rates of clinical response in hematological malignancies and rapid evolution of our understanding of factors that could extend this success to solid tumors. However, these therapies have been accompanied by severe and potentially life-threatening toxicities, and patient access is limited by complex, time-consuming, and costly patient-specific manufacturing. Cell therapy today is for the few, but we can do more.

Artiva Biotherapeutics is bringing together the best technologies in the world to advance cell therapy for cancer. Artiva is an oncology company developing and advancing off-the-shelf, allogeneic natural killer (NK) cell therapies for patients with hematologic cancers or solid tumors. Our pipeline of universal and targeted NK cell therapies and CAR-NK therapies leverages the innate biology and safety features of NK cells, while enhancing their efficacy through chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), therapeutic antibody combination therapy, and genetic engineering. Artiva solves many of the previous challenges in cell therapy to deliver potentially life-saving treatments with safe, effective, scalable, versatile, and cost-effective NK cell products.

About Artiva and NK Cell Therapy for Cancer

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